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Comments (16)

That was brilliant. I'm totally honest.

I'm glad you think so.

It's my personal analogy of grief.

That was really gay. I'm totally honest.

Too bad.

AverageNewgrounder is an idiot. this is truey an amazing piece of writing. so, as it seems you are not only a musician but a poet as well!

I'm in touch with my arts. :]

Great piece. Do more.

I have many writings, but I can't post them all on the front page at once. This was just my most recent.

I will definitely post more as they come, though.

That was honest. I'm totally brilliant.

That's a trick.

Good idea. Yet you are too repetitive, describe more emotions and feelings with other words, instead of using other words to describe less. The vocabulary is pretty poetic, this is a plus. Keep up ! Words are the smart's weapons.

I try to use as many similes and other words as I can to keep from repeating myself.

It's not very easy. x.x


^Serious anon is not amused.

I see.

that was brilliant how long it take to make/write.

Not more than an hour.

I don't really think when I write these things. It just comes out.

We rise and fall. We crash and and burn. Get lost in the road of life too often not because of the fact we have lost our way, but rather we forget that who put the feet on that road to begin with. We so easily forget that we can move on. We can be strong. We can press forward and reach what we are wishing to obtain. Passion is the sole driving force in anything and everything a person does. Pain is pain, but at what end did you find what happiness is? What love is? Love is many things. And to know the pain of losing love is to honestly and truely understand what its all about. The Heart will grow strong and then...only then will you find the answers. But until then. Write....compose....dream....this shall be a building block that defines you and what you will appreciate further along the path of life. Stand tall. Stand strong. Live and life will follow. Always remember that the strongest light comes from within. And to shine that light is to draw others from the darkness.

And this concludes my ramble. Hope it helps. =D

That's heart and soul right there. Have this imaginary home-baked blueberry cookie.

Very nice, sad tho.

It appears that you are both a musician and a writer! That was some great work. I recommend you check out the newgrounds writing contest if you haven't already.

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1045596">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 045596</a>

I'd love to enter, but I can only write when I really feel it. It's not an "on command" thing I can do, usually. :[

I'd submit this piece, because it definitely ties into birth and rebirth, but it's 125 words too short, and I don't want to modify or edit in fear of ruining the essence. :[


I suppose that's a suitable response. :]

UR shit rocks!
Hey Mark Twain,post on my userpage.
indeed I may act like an attention whore at times

Mark Twain? That's one I haven't heard before. =P

It reminds me...

Beautiful. Truly beautiful. I feel for ya man. Been there, heck I probably still am.